Feb. 27th, 2011

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So this week off from school has been fairly productive, I suppose. More or less. I could have always gotten more work done. (And now I'm second-guessing the way I phrased that because my British mother always tells me that "gotten" is a filthy, clumsy Americanism and that I shouldn't use it. >_> BUT IT JUST COMES OUT NATURALLY THAT WAY WHAT SHOULD I SAY INSTEAD, "I HAVE BEEN"?) 

ANYWAY so I reached 10,000 words in my thesis! \o/ Woo! I'm sitting at 10,593 words right now, or 38 pages. It still needs a crapload of editing, but things are slowly coming together. 

I also got a decent amount of reading done this week, as might be expected. I'm about a week's in advance of my readings, which means that I can spend the coming week before and after class ALSO working on research papers. 

Anyway, I had a lot of fun a few days ago posting that mocking Twilight picspam, so I thought I'd do another one with all of the lovely GIFs I've picked up recently! (And this time, I swear, I'll figure out lj-cuts properly and make sure it doesn't overwhelm your friendslists. THIS TIME FOR SURE. 

How about I make this one AWESOMENESS-themed? (Note: as illustrated immediately below, a bunch of these will be Harry Potter themed, simply because of the inherent awesomeness of the books, but also because I did indeed pick up a lot of these from the comments of Mark Reads Harry Potter, which you should read too. 

Let us begin! )
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 I... can't help myself. >_> The shinies. They are so pretty. (ALSO: warning, the last one in this list is a (hilarious) SPOILER OF SPOILERS)

See more - MUCH MORE - under the cut!  )
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 And all right, I normally don't pay ANY attention to the Oscars or awards shows or like ANYTHING to do with entertainment that isn't fandom, but I was kind of sort of following [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda 's liveblog just now and I'm really, really happy that the King's Speech won things. <3 I really, really love this movie, and when I heard it was rated R in the US for silly reasons (I mean, that one swearing scene, come on! It was emotional and had a plot-related purpose!) I was really worried that it's audience would be ridiculously limited and that it would be forgotten by the ages or ignored in favour of other movies I couldn't care less about... (Not that I didn't love many other movies nominated - Inception is also amazing!) 

But... yeah. <3 

All right, I promise this is all you'll hear from me tonight. I'm done, I swear. ;) Sweet dreams, everybody!


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