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 I'm not sure if I mentioned it anywhere yet - I'm sure if I did I didn't talk about it in detail - but on Wednesday I got to be a part of the short film they're making at Fort Edmonton. <3 

For some information on the Capitol Theatre project, see here. Long story short: they're building a new theatre on 1920s street at the living history museum, right next to the Hotel Selkirk (which is a functioning hotel, by the way, with gorgeous rooms and delicious food). It's a super-exciting project! They'll be able to use it as a theatre space for dramatic productions, if they want, but during regular hours they'll be able to show 1920s silent films... plus some 1930s Talkies. :) (I put my vote in for "Freaks" and Bela Lugosi's "Dracula".)

They're also making an original film, entitled "Northern Light" or something like that, the plot of which essentially boils down to "10,000 years of Edmonton's history in 10 minutes". Cut for long-winded explanation of awesomeness, plus photographs. )

(Note: those things in the foreground aren't tombstones covered in snow. They are in fact ice walls built for the snowball fight competition being held there pretty soon. Can you think of a cooler setting for a snowball fight? :D )

Some of the beaded belts laid out on the table in Clerk's Quarters, ready to be chosen. Adele, the costumer, brought out our bag of "bling", as we call it: belts and chokers and so on so we could deck ourselves out. We laid them out quite nicely and several of us spent time photographing them. For more photographs of these belts (as well as more shots of the Fort in wintertime), see this album here

Aaand... that's all she wrote!
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(quote in subject line is something that's been floating around in my head for a while; I think that I learned it like five or six years ago, and I've long forgotten who said it, other than the fact that it wasn't me.)

Today, I worked for nearly five hours on my new costume for Animethon. It's... coming along. Anybody who's ever sewn anything before will tell you that the first (huge) chunk of time that you spend on these things is mostly cutting out fabric. D:

I decided to be artistic this time and post in-progress shots taken at weird angles, because that's the way I roll.

Oh, and before I forget... I'm going as the titular character of the Chevalier D'Eon. I can put my French and history skillz to use with this character! :D For the curious, here is a shot of the outfit that I'm in the process of making (minus helmet, sword and horse):

P.S.: the historical figure he's based off of was pretty awesome. Read the wikipedia article here.


Pictures... let me show you them... )
Anyway... I hope that that was vaguely entertaining. I'm being productive and distracting myself from the fact that I'm all alone in this big empty house. D:
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What are you talking about, Hikaru? Women have always played go, even during the Heian era. 
~Fujiwara no Sai, volume two of the French version. 


All right! So it's been two days since the final day of Animethon (haha, I just wrote "animethong" by accident... ;) ), and I'm still pumped about it. I mean, much of the organizing was of questionable quality (and sense), but the people who were attended more than made up for that. :3 I kept running into people I knew, and awesome cosplayers that I didn't know before but now know, and it generally an awesomely fun time was had by all.

 Also, I managed to avoid my stalker from the Bellerose con, although I did spot her at a distance several times. Scary stuff.

I wore my Fujiwara no Sai outfit (as seen here: ), although I lost my hair ribbon at the dance Saturday evening, so I was without it all Sunday. Oh, well, I could have lost my hat! There was also another Fujiwara no Sai (I was no longer unique. ;_; ). Her hat was much taller than mine, and she did her belt area much more nicely than me... but I liked my sleeves more. :3 Also, she's an awesome person, really nice. 

I found that I didn't get as many photograph requests, proportionately, here in Canada as I did at the Japan Expo in Paris. I think that it's because the Hikaru no Go manga is really difficult to find, here, and that the anime actually isn't liscenced, so only the true fan knows of the series. You know I'm cool. 

I also didn't find much Hikago merchandise; I did buy two soundtrack CDs, and a really adorable plus Sai doll, but not much else. I actually didn't spend much money - other than that stuff, I bought one Hikago DVD for 24$, several brand new single Inuyasha DVDs for $4 (yes, $4 - awesome deal!), and Sting, Frodo's sword, for $40. It comes with a sheath, and is very badass. :3

Remind me, guys, to choose a costume that doesn't involve five or six layers (plus felt hat) for the cons next summer... Although I actually have my heart set on doing a Sesshoumaru costume (from Inuyasha). I mean, I already know how to do the traditional Japanese clothing from my experience sewing my Sai costume, so the real challenge would be the armour and other assessories (like that fluff). I've been asking cosplayers at the Animethon for tips on how to make the armour, and I got some good suggestions, but if anybody else has any thoughts, please share them! I could use all the help I can possibly yet...

The weapons check people were apparently much more strict this year. My brother, Ian, (who went as Link, from Legend of Zelda) was told to glue his sword (which was delibrately made of soft wood, and very blunted) into his sheathe if he was to come with it next year! Ironically, he's a blackbelt in Karate, and is taking Kobudo, and so he really doesn't need a blunted decorative sword to kill people...  I told my brother that he should really just get a weapon's check sticker for himself; his whole body is a weapon. ;)

I was hanging out with my friend Ashley all weekend (despite the fact that we grated on each other's nerves after a while), and she was dressed in an awesome Seras Victoria (from Hellsing) outfit. She made it by hand, people! She's so much more hardcore than me, who uses a machine... Although, my outfit was mostly huge swathes of hemming, so it would have taken me forever had I not used my awesome 60s sewing machine... 

Highlights of the cosplayers include: Seras Victoria, of course, baby Tuxedo Mask, two epic Dragonball Z characters (Goku and Vegeta, I believe), Master Chief, complete with full suit of Halo armour and glowing gun, Vash the Stampede (he even wore a tie around his head at the dance, as in the scenes were the character is drunk in canon!), the Predator (from Alien versus Predator), complete with fully functioning mouth (very creepy), the Joker's "Why so serious?" speech at the cosplay contest, and Yvonne as Hello Kitty. Yvonne actually had to leave early on Sunday because she was continually harassed by glomping fans.

Here be a video for everyone, with Seras Victoria showing off the accomodations: I filmed it! :D

...Aaaand I suppose I should go and clean my room for a bit... or answer some of my facebook replies on my photos. To view the photographs, go here:

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That has got to be one of the cheesiest taglines I've ever run across, but the book itself is pretty cool. Before you react to the mention of the Twilight series with hissing and shrieking, I swear that it's a really good series! I maintain my position that it's nowhere near as good as Harry Potter, but the characters are strangely addicting. :)  (Also, I seriously think that Jacob and Edward should just stop fighting over Bella and get together themselves. D: Sometimes, I'm surprised at Bella's denseness - you're dating a vampire and it took you, what, fifteen chapters to figure out that your best friend was a werewolf? Come on! D: )

Anyway, so last night I was at the midnight release for Breaking Dawn at the Chapters in St. Albert. It was pretty cool, mostly because the staff were almost universally rabid Twilight fans, so they really went all-out. I really should have worn my lolita outfit; I would have fit right in. :3 Instead, I wore my awesome boots from Amsterdam and my vest. Oh, and the masquerade mask that I made there. Sparkles and feathers, oh my! There was lots of free stuff, too, which is always a plus: temporary tattoos (plus, an air-brush tattooist), beaded necklaces (which you won if you answered trivia questions), "I was bitten by breaking dawn" pins, stickers, mocktails, cupcakes garnished with actually wearable pastic vampire fangs... oh, and there was a tarot station set up, as well as Wii baseball (because of that one vampire baseball game in the book... yeah, you know we're cool). 

Also, I knew a bunch of people who went - some of them I hadn't seen since junior highschool! Also, a few of the cosplayers that I met last summer were a nice plus. :) So, overall? Awesome evening...

You know what was also awesome? Spamalot. :3 I saw it last Tuesday with my friend Leah Nordlund. It was hilarious. I mean, the first half of the first act was essentially faithful to the original "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", but after that, it got... intriguing. :3 I'm glad that they deviated from "canon", as it became more interesting. I wasn't sure how it was going to end! Also, it was a musical, so you know that one king with the son who doesn't want to marry but only sing? ("She's got huge...." *vague hand gestures around chest* "...tracks of land...") Yeah, once he's introduced, he keeps trying to interrupt the songs. XD Also, in the end, Herbert (that singing son) and Lancelot end up getting married. ("Just think, Herbert: in a thousand years, this will still be controversial!") There were many more puns, as well, and the quest changes a bit near the end - the Knights of Ni  asked Arthur to bring them "a Broadway muscial!" And of course, Arthur has no idea where to find one, and becomes discouraged... cue the scene where he sings "I'm all alone" while in the presence of his faithful servant/coconut-weilder Patsy. XD Also, the French Knight taunting scene was relatively unchanged, except for a few more rude gestures. XD Hilarious! I won't give away the ending, but if Spamalot tours throug your cities, guys, seriously, go see it! It's so worth it!

Oh, and the video of the Japan Expo is up! :D (The one I was talking about in previous posts, the one that those awesome British cosplayers were working on while I was hanging out with them.) Here be a link: Watch for the Jack Sparrow, the Fujiwara no Sai (me), and so forth. :3

...and it's less than one week to Animethon! :DD

Day 34

Jul. 5th, 2008 08:51 pm
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Day 34

Okay, so my luck seems to be flip-flopping all over the place. First of all, I got a really good deal on the train tickets to take Yan and I to Paris from Lille, online, for like half the price of what it is to buy them right there, on the day. And they were first class, not second class. 

...Then, Yan lost hers. And we only found out like fifteen minutes before our train left. D: She bought another one (she couldn't do much else), but I had to leave her to catch the train by myself, because it was a close thing. So there I sat, in the first class, wondering for the entire hour whether or not Yan had made it onto the train and what I would do if she hadn't. 

Luckily, she made it. :3 We had an almost tearful reunion on the platform. Then, we got a little bit lost looking for the place we had booked to stay the night.

First sign that the hostel may not be as conveniently close as you thought it was: when the first taxi driver you approach to take you there refused because it was "trop loin" (too far). D: Well, he actually relented and took us when Yan and I began looking lost and tearful. Also? It's not a good sign when the experienced Parisian taxi driver has to dust off his GPS to find us our hostel. D: 

Still, we made it. A bit late: I had planned to arrive at 10:30 or so, dump our stuff, then head over to the Japan Expo for 11:00 or so. Instead, we didn't arrive at the hostel until past noon, and then getting our train tickets and taking the train down to the Parc Des Expositions took like over an hour as well. D: It was really bad. Apparently, what looks to me (with my inexperienced eye) on the map like a distance of about 10 to 15 minutes (driving) translates into over an hour (and four transfers) of train. We have to do a loop to get there from our hostel, because there isn't a direct train heading in that direction. D: 

Anyway, other than the really stupid location, things are actually rather nice here. This hostel isn't technically a hostel: it's actually an apartment that you can rent out for however long you want. It's quite nice inside the rooms. They even have a mini-kitchen (including a stove, fridge, kettle, toaster, mircowave...), a TV (and DVD player), free wireless internet (hence, this post), etc.,etc. Except that it doesn't have a bed. Well, it has a fold-out couch, which is acceptable for three days. Plus, when I get the deposit back, this place is like 1/5th of what a hotel would cost per night. And there's a really nice chinese restaurant next door. I just ate there. It was delicious. OMNOMNOM.

Now why don't I talk about the Japan Expo? :D I went the first day with Yan (I was alone today because she flew back to Canada this morning), which was uber awesome funtime. Since we were so late (we arrived at nearly 2 o'clock), there were no lines whatsoever to buy our tickets (I got a three day pass). Then, I just had to pop into the vestiary to change into my outfit, and whabam! Instant awesomeness! :D 

The place is massive, by the way. The whole thing is one dealers room, with food stalls and speaker areas all around. This room is probably about fifteen times the size of the dealer's room at the Animethon at Grant MacEwan. No joke. And everything there is so awesome! :D They have a lot more original artists (they have like five artists alleys) than we do in Canada (I took advantage of this and bought some locally-made French doujinshi.)

Also, they have lots of hardcore cosplayers. And a lot of gothic lolitas hanging around. And a lot of lolital clothing stalls. I haven't given into temptation and looked at them in detail yet, because I honestly don't have enough space in my suitcase to fit anything that I buy there. But I still have one day, so I may yet succum to temptation... D:

Also, famous people. Apparently, Miyavi (a j-rocker) is hanging about the lolita stalls, but I haven't been able to get close. I did catch the last half of Takeshi Obata's lecture/ Question & Answer session today, though, but no autographs for me. ;_; (remember, he's the artist who drew Hikaru no Go, from which the character I dress up as comes from) I only caught the second half because it was right at 11 am and the entry crowds are crazy, even for people who already have passes. Seriously. I should have caught on yesterday when I saw all of the fencing arranged in loops in the front... 

But I did catch the lecture that the author of Hellsing gave! (That was for you, Ashley). I also got some good photos of the mangaka, and a video of him sketching a picture of Alucard. Badass.

I've also met many awesome people! Most of them were French, although I did run into a group of German cosplayers who were awesome, and a group of people from Britain (we've exchanged facebooks). :3 I hope to see them again tomorrow. I haven't run into Ashley's Alexandre yet, but it's a big festival, and again, there is tomorrow. 

Also, people like my costume! :D I acquired a fan that actually fits with the character design (before, I was using a bright purple one, not the white one like Sai has in canon). I have a nice pose, which involves the fan, and I have gotten many compliments and people asking me for photographs. On the first day, Yan and I kept count (31 photo requests between when we arrived at 2:15 or so until we left at 6:15). Today, I lost count at 15 or so, but there was at least thrice that ammount. A couple of times, a single person asks to take a photo, then when I pose, everyone in the area takes out their camera as well. D: I'm not swarmed as much as the epic Sakura (with feathers) or that angel guy (with the epic wings) or that blue elf-chick (with the overall epic-ness) (the photographs of these people shall be uploaded next week, probably, for your viewing pleasure), but I still feel awesome. :3 It's interesting to walk around, then hear someone poke their friend and go "hein, t'as vu Sai? Vite, regardes, Sai!" ("hey, did you see Sai? Quick, look, Sai!") One guy thought I was from Onmyouji, which is a believable mistake, since Sai and Abe no Seimei are from the same era and social class, and wear similar outfits. Most people recognize me, though (or, at least, the people who ask for photographs). It helps that there's a lot of Hikago merchandise around because of Takeshi Obata's attendence of the festival. :3 

I've stopped by the go tables (where people are being taught how to play go) a few times, and smiled at people there. (For the uninitiated, my character, Sai, is a ghost that "lives" for go, and is the most awesome go player EVAR). Tomorrow, I'll ask to be taught how to play. :3 I wonder if I shall get many photographs taken of me playing go... 

So I suppose that this post is enough for now! I shall add more details (and pictures) later on. See you guys soon!


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