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(I would totally use the serious Civil War man icon that I have for this post, because it's the most historically appropriate, but it doesn't convey the sense of glee I feel at the moment. Imagine me as the man on the right, Jacques Cartier, at least in expression and mood.)

I just got back from Staples (AKA the office supply store) and I came back with three printed copies of the final copy of my thesis: the one I'm going to hand in for my final grade. 

It's done. It's sitting in a box downstairs, by the door, so I can bring it to school on Monday when I return a huge stack of books to the library. I had to fiddle with the formatting this morning (you have to expand the left hand margin to one and a half inches instead of just one because they're going to bind them into BOOKS), but after looking over my conclusion one final time, changing two or three words... I declared it completely and absolutely finished. 

You can make tiny little nit-picky edits forever, you know? I could probably still be making changes in a month's time, if I wanted, adding in one more source, chasing down one more salient example... but I've made myself stop. It's as good as it's going to get. And it's finished. \o/ \o/ \o/

Here my honour's thesis is, by the numbers... 

Title: Too Easily Blamed: American Civil War Surgery and Medical Care in Context

Pagecount (main body): 51

Pagecount with bibliography, title page and table of contents: 59

Number of sections: 12

Wordcount: 14,789

Wordcount (including textboxes and footnotes): 17,789

Character count: 96,768


Number of items on bibliography: 15 primary, 37 secondary, 52 total

Number of footnotes: 215 (many of which cite more than one source)

Number of hours put into this project: COUNTLESS.
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 Sometime in April, I think, I'm going to organize an excursion for some friends of mine (history dorks, all), which I want to entitle "A Day of the Dead at the U of A". Essentially, it's going to amount to making an appointment to visiting the mummy (we have a mummy! The only one in Western Canada! His nickname is Horace - AKA Horus)... and then, we'll go into the bowels of the Health Sciences library (which is itself in the middle of the labyrinthine building that is connected to the university hospital, so it's a quest to even get that far), heading down to the special collections room to look at... THIS. 

LJ cut because I'm morbid and some people don't really want to see books bound in human skin. A (horrifying) part of European heritage, people. )
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At the behest of [ profile] mightyinkas , I've been convinced to make a post of all of the really funny pictures I've compiled that, well, hate on Twilight. See original post here.  

I usually don't hate on something like this. I'm more of a live and let live kind of person. I'm normally not one for taking potshots... but Twilight makes it so easy. >_> Just to be clear, though, I'm not trying to be malicious. See this comment by me explaining my thoughts on the quality of Twilight. This is all in good fun. You'll laugh. I promise. 

The vast majority of these come from the Mark Reads Harry Potter blog's comments... which explains the continual references to Harry Potter as well. 

Let us begin.

Cut to spare spamming your friends list with LOTS of (hilarious) images. Many, many more under the cut, guys. Check it out! )
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 I've noticed that many other people have been making fanfiction recommendations recently, which I greatly appreciate. :) I thought that I would thus return the favour and rec a few to make you smile and get the new year off to a good start. :) Some of these are very recent; others have been favourites of mine for years. A mixed bag so there will be something for everyone. :)

Furthermore, in the spirit of good cheer and well-wishing, if anybody wants more recommendations of any fandom, feel free to comment and I'll see what I can dig up for you from my brain and/or Delicious archive. :) (Also, huzzah for the rumours of Delicious' demise being greatly exaggerated?)

Counting the Hours by Forthright 
Fandom: Inuyasha
Summary: "When Inuyasha calls in a favor, Kagome sacrifices her holiday in order to help him fulfill an annual familial obligation. Missed flights, misunderstandings, and mistletoe conspire to bring two strangers together."
This fic is absolutely lovely. Anything by this author is, but this fic makes me smile. Realistic fluff. The first chapter was posted over Christmas last year; the second chapter picks up where the last one left off, only covers the week afterwards, and was posted only a few days ago. The author intends to make this an annual thing, and I don't know whether or not to glee or be dismayed at having to wait a whole other year for an update... Of her other fics, I particularly love Unspoiled for sending Kagome to a past in which she encounters a very young and adorable Sesshoumaru. But really, if you love the series, read all of Forthright's works. 

This Kid I Once Knew by Minnow
Fandom: Calvin & Hobbes
Summary: "Daniel sends their whole improv group an e-mail saying "check this out its fun1!1" and a link to a web comic called The Adventures of Spaceman Spiff."
If you loved Calvin & Hobbes when you were younger like me (and still love it, again, like me), you will love this fic. :) And possibly The Roommate of +10 Confusion, a Calvin & Hobbes crossover with Foxtrot, in which Calvin and Jason become roommates and awesomeness occurs. Thanks to [ profile] beckyh2112  for pointing these my way. 
Oh, and speaking of Calvin & Hobbes, this should make you smile (especially, but not necessarily, if you're a history dork like me): "Few historians know of the heartwarming friendship between French Reformation theologian John Calvin and English political philosopher Thomas Hobbes, the latter of whom may or may not have been real, considering he was not even born yet."

Strange Girl by Sunfreak
Fandom: Spirited Away
Summary: "She's a strange girl. They all say it. She talks to rivers and trees and animals and won't dissect the frogs in science class. And she always wears that same silly hair tie, no matter how she does her hair."
Oh come on, when you saw that movie don't tell me you weren't aching for Chihiro to meet Kohaku again, weren't you? ;_;

Flying Again by esama
Fandom: Harry Potter AND Temeraire. Crossovers = <3
Summary: "Harry learns languages and philosophy and mathematics and misses something important, while elsewhere Charlie thinks of pearls and foolish dreams and is unable to find the right dragon." 
A story told in (adorable and touching) drabbles, in which William Laurence is reincarnated as Charlie Weasley, and Temeraire as Harry Potter. Give it a chance, if you love Temeraire. Also, dragons.

The Kids Aren't All Right by Christine Everhart(?)
Fandom: Iron Man, movie!verse
Summary: “It’s been ‘a hell of a year’ since industrialist Tony Stark owned up to his alter ego in a move that stunned observers and longtime aides alike. With the US facing unprecedented homegrown suicide attacks, Iron Man’s contribution to national security is more than ever under scrutiny. As she follows Stark during a year of crisis, exclusively for Vanity Fair, Christine Everhart explores the many contradictions of the man behind the mask, uncovers tales of personal loyalty, patriotism gone awry and corporate betrayal, and asks whether Iron Man is the embodiment of an outdated American fantasy—a self-made, unilateral, technological solution to hopelessly complex problems—and whether he can survive the violent encounter with reality.”
...AKA someone actually wrote that article that the reporter chick was working on throughout the movie. You know the one, she who slept with Tony at the beginning of the movie, provided exposition throughout, and prompted him during That Press Conference to actually confess who he was. This fic has an amazing voice and really could be a part of official canon. It's amazing. Also, has pictures, like a real magazine article would!
This one is probably on my list of the top 10 most amazing fanfics of all time. This is the fic I point to/explain when someone asks me what the point of fanfiction is. 

The Cold We Hate by VioletzeEcoFreak
Fandom: Hetalia
Summary: "The North American Ice Storm of 1998, an indisputable example of the cold Canadians and Americans alike loathe."
America and England help Canada through a rough patch. I have a weakness for hurt-comfort fic. Also, Canadiana. This fic is particularly appropriate at this time of the year.

The Care and Feeding of Hobbits by Baylor
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Summary: "Ruminations on the Little People by Boromir, Man of Gondor."
An oldie but goody. Lord of the Rings was one of my first fandoms, way back in junior high. This one is still one of my favourites, and holds a special place in my heart. Fluff, but believable fluff, with hobbit cultural tidbits and not-a-bastard!Boromir. :)

I saw The King's Speech a few days ago with my Mother dearest, and I have to say that it was one of the most uplifting movies I've seen in a long time. It was funny, engaging, entertaining, intelligent... I especially loved the swearing scene, nearly cried at the scene where Bertie actually began to talk about his childhood and could barely get it out, and gleed when the speech therapist's wife came home early and found the Queen of England sitting down for tea in their tiny little flat... as well as dozens of other beautifully done scenes. :) Amazingly well done film. Even the trailer makes you feel awesome, watching it:

And as for tomorrow... I'm going to post those postcards and letters, apply for jobs, and actually work on my thesis. I promise. >_>
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So as I briefly mentioned in my other post today, I'm at loose ends. When I ended off my last post with that video of one of my favourite scenes from Trueblood, I thought "hey, that's what I can do! Write a brief review!" But I suspect this is going to turn into something more of a "this is why I love Trueblood" with frequent reference to Twilight for contrast.

Now then, for the uninitiated, in brief, what is the Trueblood series about? 

Right then, any questions? None? All right, we're done for the day. 

Just kidding. That was a short, 15-second clip of Eric Northman, one of the sexiest vampires there is. He's a thousand year old viking, and a jackass. He's also quite creepy at times, open about his sexuality, can get violent, etc. But here's the thing: he's not Edward Cullen. 

Neither is Bill Compton, what you could think of as the "Edward" figure of the Trueblood series. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

(I should confess my sins, first: I have read the Twilight series. And seen the movies. I can be entertained by them without respecting them, all right? >_> For examples, see "Reasoning With Vampires", which tears apart the diction and characterization of the Twilight books, with hilarious results (P.S.: three separate links).)

Let me elaborate... MOAR VIDEOS under the cut too! )
In conclusion, here, have an unrelated video in which Buffy doesn't take any of Edward's bullshit. 
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In the continuing effort to avoid doing more homework (hey, I managed to finish that four-way book review in time to be handed in this morning, okay?), I've decided to write a review of a book that I read last week (again, in an effort to avoid doing homework). 

1632, by Eric Flint, the first in a series. (Note for anybody who knows me in RL: other books in this series besides "The Baltic War" and "The Ram Rebellion", which I already have on my bookshelf, would be an excellent Christmas gift. :D )

First, take a moment to contemplate the awesomeness that is this cover. 

Yes, that is what it looks like. The plot goes thusly: the West-Virginian town of Grantville is displaced in time and place from the year 2000 to the year 1632, essentially dumping them in the middle of the Holy Roman Empire in the midst of the Thirty Years War, one of the most bloody conflicts in European history. 

And lo, it was awesome... )

I want to read this later book in the series just because of the cover: 

Aww yeah! >:D
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 Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen books you've read that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes. Do yours before you read anyone else's....

(Beboots' note: these are in no particular order. Tagged from [ profile] voiceofanarchy on Facebook.)

1) The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

2) The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

3) Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

4) American Gods by Neil Gaiman

5) Silverwing by Kenneth Oppel

6) River God by Wilbur Smith

7) A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson

8) The Song of the Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce

9) The Raging Quiet by Sherryl Jordan

10) The Taggerung by Brian Jacques

11) Ghost Stories of Alberta by Barbara Smith

12) Animorphs #29: The Sickness by K.A. Applegate 

13) His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik

14) Owl in Love by Patrice Kindl

15) Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke
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"You may not feel oustandingly robust, but if you are an average-sized adult you will contain within your modest frame no less than 7 x 1018 joules of potential energy - enough to explode with the force of thirty very large hyrdogen bombs, assuming you knew how to liberate it and really wished to make a point."
-Bill Bryson, on the meaning of E=mc2, A Short History of Nearly Everything

(one of the most interesting paragraphs I've read today)

Mysterious Plant by ~Beboots on deviantART

So... what have I been up to?

Mainly working and doing errands. But as you can see from my previous post, work = lulz. :) I've been reading the abovementioned book, which has the distinction of being the only media that has made me actually interested in science in any capacity since Bill Nye the Science Guy. (For the unitiated, here is an example episode of a show that consumed my childhood along with the Magic School Bus: ) Everyone my age who grew up in North America can sing the theme song, or at least recognize it, I swear.

In any case... yesterday, on my first day off, I went out to Fabricland with Ashley on a whim, and we bought patterns and fabric and have half-finished floor-length cloaks on our hands. With lining. <3

I've also jumped through hoops to get my passport renewed. I swear, Passport Canada should really make passports expire every ten years, like the rest of the world, and not put us through such trials and tribulations every five. D:

I've also discovered that I really like Canadian government buildings, especially ones built to be impressive like Canada Place in Edmonton. (Does every large Canadian city have a Canada Place?) I feel comfortable around the familiar bilingual signs - it made me feel at home, even when visiting the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo a few years ago. :) It makes me feel calm and patriotic. Maybe they put something in the air...? ;)

I'm also planning on posting a long Temeraire fic idea soon. It's probably not going to get written out in full, but it's essentially the plan for a novel-length fanfic. I wrote it over the course of three hours or so, after ruminating on it for a week.

This post came out much less enthusiastic than I wanted to, but that's probably because I'm wilting from the heat. D: It's been like above 20C every day this week, and when you're working out in the sun, running hand-cranked rides or even just talking with people... it saps your energy.
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-On the manliness of Max Fightmaster's name, here:


So I knew that I was completely and utterly done school today, when I went to the washroom after my exam and was staring at this poster on the wall while waiting in line. It was an advertisement that encouraged people to use "refillable pens and pencils". And then I thought to myself: "hey, if you remove the 'c' and the 'l' from 'pencils', you get..." XD

So yeah, my brain is dribbling out of my ears. I can think stupid. AND IT IS GLORIOUS.

Also, pretend that that "pencils" observation never happened.

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"I think that this is the theme song for my attitude at the moment..."
(And yay, HTML has stuck with me! :D I learned it when I was a little kid, making neopets pet pages... and after only a little bit of refresher, I can at least make links. Huzzah!)

The Blue and Yellow Staircase by ~Beboots on deviantART

So, I'm pretty busy at the moment, mostly studying. And frantically writing essays: a French one on La Moustache (see previous post for its craziness), a Canadian History research paper on the Quiet Revolution in Quebec (that's when they first started getting all... seperatist-y) and a Habsburg History paper on Maria Theresia and two of her sons, Joseph II and Leopold II (and how Enlightened/Absolutist they were).

So far, I'm not panicking. Not yet. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

I'm also writing some fanfiction. I'm still working on that House, M.D./Twilight crossover from hell, admittedly very slowly, but then again, I'm determined to finish it, so... yeah. I've written down a few ideas, in point-form, for Temeraire fics, and I really want to write a few of them... mostly because that fandom isn't nearly big enough, yet. I am also working on a Good Omens crossover with Harry Potter, essentially in which Remus Lupin and Aziraphale become friends. Yes, I know that it's been done before, but not in a multi-chaptered fic. >:3 I've written the first two chapters, and a smattering of other scenes, but I want to finish this fic (and the other crossover, mentioned above) before posting anything. That way, I won't abandon my readers halfway, like I have with Rise of the Jinchuuriki.

Which I am finishing, by the way. Or at least continuing. I have like 20,000 words more of it written. Just not... in order. D: It shall get done as well!

... as soon as I'm finished my three papers. Hopefully.
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Quote from a book review from His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik.

Okay guys, I have never read a series so fast before (including when I was big into Harry Potter). No joke. Those of you who see me in person will have already heard me rant about the awesomeness of the Temeraire series, but for those of you who haven't seen me in the past week or so, here it is!

Essentially, it is the Napoleonic wars, but with dragons. I know, I know - you're all like "wait, what?!", but hear me out! It is pure awesome, making the history major and the fantasy author in me squee. There were a few times in which I actually had to put these books down (especially the last one, Victory of Eagles) and run around the room in excitement. I am not exaggerating.

The series is set in an alternate universe in which dragons have been around for ages, and the aerial corps are a part of every military power. They're like ships, but living, breathing, flying and speaking creatures. The author has put a lot of thought into the historical consequences of such - speaking of different breeding programmes between European nations, and even places such as China (where it is more established). There are references to the Incan Empire - which was never conquered because they have dragons.

The main character is a naval captain called William Laurence, who embodies all that I love about the regency era, the age of sail, and Jane Austen. He is very well-mannered, of minor nobility, I believe, and just... awesome. At the beginning of the book, he has captured a French ship, and there is a dragon egg aboard. Being way out to sea, it hatches before they get to land, and the young dragonet Temeraire imprints on Laurence, much to his inward horror but outward nonchalance.

So, upon reaching shore, Laurence is (eventually) transferred to the aerial corps, a much less respectable profession than being in the navy. Laurence sees that the aviators are coarse, rude (they actually introduce themselves! D: ), and, horror of horrors, wear unironed, wrinkled clothing.! Laurence still contains all of the prejudices of his era - he is immensely surprised and shocked when he learns of female aviators, for one, and can't actually look Captain Catherine Harcourt anywhere but the face because her outfit (a typical captain's uniform, including pants) is so scandalous. ;)

But, all of that aside, one of the most awesome things about this series is his relationship with his dragon, Temeraire. Reluctant at first, but Laurence eventually comes to see Temeraire as not an animal, but an incredibly intelligent being in his own right... and over the course of several books starts to question the general public (and the admiralty's) treatment of dragons (which is actually worse than horses, in some cases, despite their intelligence).

I direct you all now to my folder of favourite Temeraire fanart on deviantart: Beware, for they contain spoilers! But seriously, this series is absolutely awesome. I read the first one (it's entire 356 pages) over the course of two days while skiing in Jasper (and I spent 8 hours a day skiing, to boot). The second one (equally as long), I read over a day and a half. The third, in just under two days. The fourth I took three days to read, but only because it was the first week of school. And I read the most recent (and epic) book in a day and a half.

Now, at least, I can concentrate on actual schoolwork, and get stuff other than reading done. Not that I'm complaining.

Far from it. :)

(a post on my first week of school and/or Christmas vacation may follow if I remember to write one)

(and for another book review of His Majesty's Dragon possibly more coherent than mine, go here: )
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Jiraiya, from Buni-san's fic "Aniki" (which I beta read... that's actually a sneak preview quote from the next chapter SHH DON'T TELL ANYONE)

I felt that that was an appropriate quote, considering the subject of this post. I read this really good fic a few days ago (well, I finished it late last night, as I pretty much spent a huge chunk of two evenings reading this thing), and I felt the need to do a fanfic reccomendation post. I'm going to do this differently than I normally do; I'm not going to focus on one fandom, but I'm going to list what I consider the "best of the best" in some of my favourite fandoms. That way, people can see what I like... and I can push my favourite fics on everyone. ;3

Keep in mind, these are just my personal top favourites. This doesn't mean that I don't love a huge librairy of fanfic other than the ones listed here, too.  If you want to check out more of what I read, go to my delicious, found here: That site is so helpful for organizing my favourites! Best of all, it makes me feel less paranoid, as everything is stored online, and not on my laptop, which is potentially vulnerable to crashing. 


Anyway, in no particular order (except the first, which is the fic that I mentioned above), here are the fics that I consider the most in-character, amazing and squee-worthy fics ever... )

Oh, and everyone, feel free to contest my choices by providing links to superior fanfiction! :D

Day 15

Jun. 16th, 2008 11:07 pm
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Day 15 (and other pleasantries)

Not only am I learning French, in France, but also English! :D Here's a random linguistic note that may interest a few people of my acquaintance... ever wonder why it's "chair" in English but "chaise" in French? Well, they were originally the same word (according to one of my two French professors). You see, way back when, apparently all the "r"s in French were trilled, like in Spanish. But after a while, the nobles in France decided that this sounded vulgar, and experimented with other sounds, like "y" and "z", instead of thoes trilled "r"s. But it was all very silly, and the Revolution put a stop to that concept (as it put a stop to many of those same nobles). From then on, most "r"s were pronounced the way they are now (Danielle dearest, could you provide me with the linguistic charts? ;) I cannot explain!) There are a few layovers from this time of experimentation, however... mostly just the word "chaise", though - the "z" sound replacing the "r"... as in "chair", which would have been brought over to England with the Normans, before they started with all of this linguistic business. Now you know...

Anyway, I hope to be brief, as it's quarter after eleven at night over here, and I'm tired. Last weekend, we managed to splice together a last minute trip to Amsterdam! Myself and six others went, entirely planned on our own. We randomly found a really nice hostel (Hotel Slotania (sp?) - thank you,! :D ) which was about 20 minutes from all of the interesting stuff in the city centre. It was far enough away that we didn't feel like we were right on top of the Red Light district, which was really reassuring. The trams and the busses were really efficient (and clean!) and everybody... and I mean everybody spoke English. Hurrah for the Dutch education system and it's emphasis on learning like minimum three languages! :D Banzai!

We ate dinner at a really lovely Indian restaurant Saturday night, which I totally reccomend to everyone reading this... except that I totally cannot recall it's name. D: Well, my only option is to take a bunch of you on a trip to Amsterdam to show you which one I mean. :3 

On Sunday, we went to the Rijkmuseum, which is awesome. We only really saw the Dutch history gallery (we were short on time), but what we saw there was gorgeous. :D Beside every work was a little explanatory plaque, which gave little interesting details (beyond just the title and the name of the artist) in Dutch and English - like, some of the paintings portrayed hunters showing off their game to ladies, which was apparently a metaphor in the 1600s in Dutch ("birding" = "courting a mistress"). I really loved the Rembrant paintings, but everything was so detailed and lovely and symbolic and gorgeous and oh! It was wonderful. If you're ever in Amsterdam, this is one museum to mark on the list. Thank you for reccomending it, dad! :D

We also visited the Van Gogh museum, but after seeing the detailed art at the Rijkmuseum, I wasn't as fussed about his art style. Plus, this museum was much more crowded, and it was also where Heeran and I got separated from the others, so I wasn't very endeared with the place. Heeran and I ended up waiting for half an hour in the entranceway of the museum, waiting for the others (who had left without us, due to a misunderstanding). We then waited outside Madame Tussauds, because that was where they had been heading, for an hour and a half, because we were worried that they'd come out the exit just as we went in. (Plus, it was really crowded). I wish that we had gone in, now... but I suppose that much of the displays I would have seen at the one in Victoria. We did meet up with the others at the train station, where we waited for another 45 minutes.

We didn't spend the whole day waiting for the others. We did stop by a nice shoe store, where I bought some awesome boots. :3 We also watched a street performer from New Zealand do his "juggling fire torches on a 10 foot tall unicycle while blindfolded" act, but he was really, really good at it. Plus, his accent was awesome, and he was witty. :)

Oh, and yes, on Saturday we did indeed visit the Red Light district. In broad daylight. I was going to call you, mum, and say "Hey, guess where I am" but I couldn't figure out how to use the Dutch public phones. ;) Oh, and mum, before my minutes ran out when I called you yesterday, what I meant to say was "tell dad I said happy father's day!" ... I suppose that dad's reading this entry too, so.... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, FATHER DEAREST! :D

...and that's all for now.
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Strange frowned. He seemed to dislike the question. “I suppose a magician might,” he admitted, “but a gentleman never could”’

-Exert from Johnathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

Okay, so I just finished reading the abovementioned book during my spare today... And now I feel the urge to sing it's praises!

It's a wonderful book, and I have no wish to summarize it - it's just over 1,000 pages long (daunting, I know!) but you really should just read it yourself. The author's website is brilliant, and there are some good summaries up there, so here's a link:

I just thought that this book was just so brilliant! It's so layered in meaning, so seeped in history, languages, the culture of England (and English magic!); not to forget healthy doses of really realistic fantasy. :D Plus, I really heart Johnathan Strange... and I even get to like Mr.Norrell by the end.

Mr.Norrell's character is really amusing, as he's the first practical magician to show up for centuries in England, and so should be the most interesting thing since the piano-forte was invented... but he's just so boring to speak to! XD But there are many "aww" moments with the two gentleman-like magicians.

And the magic in this novel! It's much more believable than that of Harry Potter (my other magic love). The descriptions of talking stones, of John Uskglass, of "the gentleman with the thistle down hair", of the random several-page long digressional footnotes... :D There's just so much I love about this book!

*pant pant*

I also began reading it alongside "Great Expectations" in English class. They're written in delibrately similar writing styles (the author of "J.S. & Mr.N" is brilliant for that, and many other things), but it was much more engaging than Great Expectations! They're even set in similar time periods. ... Woa, and I'm distracted because the sky just threw up outside my window. It's litterally raining buckets! And hail! Holy crap!
Okay I'm going to finish up incase there's a blackout.

Okay, I think I'm done now. But everyone, please read this book! It took the author ten years to write, and it really shows - it's a masterpiece!
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But Belial? If Gabriel dropped by to borrow your hairdryer could you kick him out?”
“I don’t own a hairdryer. Wait, they want your hairdryer?” Aziraphale said, completely seriously.
~Good Omens fanfiction

I just sent off a bunch of links to a friend of mine for some really awesome Good Omens fanfic (and fanart as an attachment, so you guys don't get any, sorry), and I quite liked the format... So here they are! ^_^

Good Omens, by the way, is a comedy about the apocalypse, a collaboration by the two most freakin' awesome fantasy authors writing today, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. *drools*

The Trouble With Cats
"A conversation between Aziraphale and Minerva McGonagall." - A cat wanders into Aziraphale's bookshop. :)
"'You're not here to actually buy a book, are you?' The question demanded the answer 'no'. He shifted nervously.
'I might be.'
'Actually, we're shut.'
Minerva looked around. 'The sign says you're open. And you've got just the thing I'm looking for. I know. I saw it.'
'Oh dear. I mean, good.'"

Luna meets Aziraphale
Another random HP/GO crossover - drabble form. :)
“Hello, Mister angel. Have you got the latest treatise on the most favoured methods of bait trapping for Blue Reflecting Flowerfish?”

An Angel In Middle Earth
Yes, yes, another crossover, but... c'mon! It's funny! :D Aziraphale gets sucked through a plothole and arrives in Middle Earth
"It had all been rather annoying at first. The Elves had erroneously assumed that he had been sent to Arda by the Valar to aid them against the shadow in the east, and it had taken him quite a while to get across the concepts of 'angel', 'other reality', and 'hopelessly lost'."

Be Ye Therefore Merciful
Crowley gets shot, Azirphale staves off Death for him. :) So cute, so awesome!
"Oh yes. Many times," he said softly.
Then he turned back to the Angel of Death and added politely, "Are you quite certain you wouldn't care for a cup of tea?""

Going Home
Aziraphale gets recalled to Heaven, and Crowley angsts... then does something about it. Can you say, demon in Heaven? O.O;
"He turned his suit into a nice white robe and shook out his wings.
“There. You’d hardly tell me from the natives.”
“Oh, I don’t know. Sunglasses aren’t much in fashion here,” Aziraphale said.
Crowley was delighted to see he was trying to hide a smile."

Azirphale's old body was getting, well, old, so he has to get it traded in... and gets an Adonis-style one instead. ^_^
"For the first five or ten minutes of the meeting, while the ducks in the pond waited patiently for their bread, Crowley laughed and laughed and laughed, without Aziraphael even having opened his mouth, which was probably bad."

Plumed Serpent
Crowley gets to visit Aztec South America, way before Europeans arrive, and somehow ends up a god. :) Very, very well-written, very, very in-character... plus, y'know, awesomeness and accurate historical facts.
""Behold!" Crowley yelled as it swooped into human view. "It is as I foretold!"
The eagle banked sharply and dramatically and landed on a hastily created cactus. Everyone cheered and laughed, and told each other it was definitely a proper omen, what with a cactus growing in a marsh and everything."

Like Smoke from a Furnace
One-shot: Future fic. Crowley gets shot, and well, Azirphale gets his revenge. >:D
"Aziraphale noted with a great deal of satisfaction that most of them must have thought he was really a human. The blow from his wing caught the leader and knocked him flat, where he lay groaning. Oh well, it had been an awkward angle and Aziraphale was out of practice. He could hardly have been expected to break the man's neck that easily."


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