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I honestly am not sure if this was a bad day or not. I think, although it started off rough, it ended off half-decently. Let's break it down...

Bad stuff:
-woke up with a headache. Haven't had alcohol in weeks, so this wasn't a good sign.

-woke up tired, had to get out of bed.

-started sneezing, sometimes so violently my tummy hurts when I suddenly bend over double. :P

-I've gone all sniffly, and my cough hasn't gone away. Verdict? I have a cold. :( WHY, BODY?? THIS MONTH IS THE HOME STRETCH! DON'T GIVE IN NOW!

-It's cold again. -20C or so for most of the day, overcast, with lots of wind and snow. It's rumoured on facebook that factoring in the windchill, tonight it's going to reach -47C (!!)

-I didn't realize until I'd already gotten on the bus this morning that I'd forgotten my bus pass. :( That never happens to me.

-One of the girls in the group project that I'm working on for Women's Studies didn't show up to our brainstorming session. I'm worried that she'll be dead weight and ride on our coattails for a good mark. 

-Met an old friend of mine at the bus stop (an old bus buddy! We used to take the same bus all the time!) and ended up debating feminist theory for the hour-long bus ride. Epic. I love it when you can have smart, rational conversations with people. Very entertaining, and a good mental workout. Woke me up. 

-Although I forgot my bus pass, the first bus driver recognized me and let me on for free anyway, even giving me a transfer ticket so I could get onto the commuter bus for Edmonton for free! :) Of course, when I went to take the bus home at 3:00 after class, it was a grumpy elderly gentlemen driver that I didn't know, so I coughed up one of my commuter bus tickets from the summertime, which I still happened to have in my wallet. It's a good thing I'm a packrat and I avoid opportunities to clean out old stuff. >_> 

-I visited the Special Collections room in the Health Sciences library and spent some time with my favourite giant tomes, working on my thesis. Also, STAY TUNED FOR ANOTHER BLOG POST ON THAT, now with photographs! You are all very excited, I know

-Despite missing one person, the other two members of my assigned group seemed to have their act together. One girl was a science student and didn't really know how to research arts faculty papers, but me and the other guy gave her some pointers, and anyway she offered to create the powerpoint with our input because she has lots of practice with that. Less work for me! At the very  least I'm not carrying the whole group on my back, which has happened before. :P These other two seem all right! 

-Although I was very anxious about trying to chase down a French professor from last year to fill in a short piece of paper that says that I can speak French and English competently so I can apply for this job in France, and I had resigned myself to waiting on campus until 4:00pm for his office hours... I went to his office just to see if he had his hours posted on the door (hoping that they were earlier so I could go home and sleep), he walked up just as I was checking! And then he signed the paper and gave me a lovely paragraph-long review. :) I wasn't even expecting him to remember me very well, although I did take two French translation classes with him, but he remembered my name and the classes without prompting! :) He also asked me many questions about what I was going hoping to do in France, and I answered him fluently. The entire conversation took place in French. I felt strong. :) (I still have to chase down one more prof, though.) 

-In my History of Translation class, I got my first paper back! That was the one on the Métis translator who wouldn't take shit from anyone. I got an A+! :) She really liked it. Her comments were all like "fascinating!" and such. :) This makes me feel a bit better, although I'm still anxious for my midterm mark, which we will get back on Wednesday. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, so I'm now back at home and although I still feel sickly, I've had some honeyed tea and my little brother made me supper. (Kraft Dinner AKA Canadian macaroni & cheese, but hey, little steps.)

Stay tuned for a blog post that I've been wanting to make for a long long while...

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*looks around furtively* 



...Apparently I've truly joined the twenty-first century information age. 

First a facebook account a few years back (kicking and screaming, I was), and now... Twitter. We'll see if this turns out. 

([ profile] beckyh2112 , this is your fault! *shakes fist*)

Also, as several people have informed me... All may not be lost, where Delicious is concerned!
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... Incidentally, I wrote my translation exam this morning. Despite my nervousness, my day wasn't made terrible by that exam, which went rather well! The 60 multiple choice/true or false/fill in the blanks ended up being harder than expected, but the essay question and ad analysis weren't anywhere near as difficult as anticipated! Anyway, we got a huge dump of snow yesterday and last night, so the roads were terrible, but I left at like 7am for my 9am exam and managed to make it with plenty of time to procrastinate studying. ;) 

Anyway, I got home, studied a bit for the women's history exam I have tomorrow afternoon, then watched an episode of the Walking Dead, comfortable that my day was going well. 

Then I got a message from [ profile] avocado_love . Normally I love getting messages from one of my favourite fanfic authors and all-around awesome person, but today she was helpfully giving me a heads-up that one of my favourite web tools in the whole wide world, which I used innumerable times each day to collect and organize and retrieve the huge numbers of websites I visit,, is going to cease to exist. ;_;

Cue panic moment. Take a moment to take in the glory that is my Delicious account, nay, archive. As of writing this (and probably not much longer), I have 9,529 bookmarks, with 1918 tags. I've been using it since May 2008, and I have ceased to use "regular" bookmarks. I have no idea how to survive without tags anymore. 

Here is the link that Avocado sent to me, the news article that ruined my day

Here is a list of ways to backup your Delicious bookmarks (I've done so already, and so should you). 

Here is a list of 10 alternatives to Delicious. I was debating between Diigo and Pinboard, and was favouring the latter for its close similarity to Delicious (apparently it was created by people who formerly worked for Delicious back when it was loved?), but it's a paid feature and I am a poor starving student. At the moment, I've created a Diigo account and I've imported my delicious bookmarks. We'll see how it works. Maybe it'll grow on me. 

Visit me on Diigo here if you want to keep following my movements on the internet (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, MY STALKER FRIENDS...)

In conclusion: I'm sorry, Yahoo!, but I will never look at your excitable logo the same way ever again. I am overcome by an uncontrollable fury. If I had a yahoo e-mail account I would stop using it immediately. You have forever lost my business; if I can any way help it, I will avoid your company and its affiliates as much as possible. >:( 

EDIT: I have also managed to sync my Delicious account with my Diigo account, so theoretically I can keep playing with Diigo while continuing to update my Delicious. Delicious could still be with us for months, I suppose, or it could disappear next week (just in time for Christmas! :P ), so I'm keeping my fingers in as many pies as possible. 
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 So I had a lovely day today! ... Until I finished up my day's activities to learn that I'd gotten a $50 parking ticket for parking in front of a friend's house downtown. :P I didn't want to pay the $10 for three hours it would cost to park in the official parking lots on campus, and assumed that it was fine because I knew the person (and her parents!)... but no. :P The cops patrol the area frequently, apparently. 

But otherwise I had a decent day! I had to drive downtown for a meeting with Edmonton Immigration Services Association (EISA) with whom I volunteer, and a friend of mine who also volunteers for them came with me back to campus so we could go to this super-awesome peachy keen anthropology lecture on excavating vampire graves in Greece. You know, how rural folk would "desecrate" bodies of suspected vampires by doing things like driving metal stakes through the skull, chest and pelvis? Anyway, it was a fascinating lecture to attend... and also included free Hallowe'en candy! :D The room was packed.

I then took the Metro downtown to meet with Maria, the Peruvian woman who needs help improving her oral English (my EISA client). We had tea on Churchill Square at a café called the Three Bananas, and had loads of fun talking. She also gave me some chocolate as a thank-you gift. :) I left with a warm fuzzy feeling

...And then I when back to my car near campus and it all went crashing down when I saw that parking ticket under my windshield wiper. :/ Thanks, City of Edmonton! 

I mean, I realize that I was in the wrong, and I gambled, but... I'm unemployed, man! And I had been having a wonderful day until this really brought my down. :( I loved that lecture, but it wasn't worth $50, you know? And now I feel angry with EISA of all things for insisting upon a meeting every three weeks to discuss problems that I don't actually have (it's an awesome program), forcing me to drive there and then to campus when I would normally take the bus for free with my student transit pass. :P One bit of negativity begets more negativity.

Meh. I'm going to head off in 15 minutes to twitch, groan and be creepy. Maybe that will help me feel better.
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 I can't decide if today was a good day or a bad day. Let's see, what happened?

To begin with, I have an 8am class to which I have to commute from another city. That means that I get up at 6:15, to catch a bus at 6:54 from my house... only I missed it. So I had to leap in my car to drive frantically to the transit station to catch the right bus. But I did end up catching it! So: not late for the last class before the midterm. Also, I didn't forget my lunch. Bonus?

Anyway, I then I had a three hour break. :/ I got some reading done, but never enough. A Temeraire/Harry Potter fanfic that I've been following was updated, so I got to read that on my little iPod, so it wasn't all boring. Also, lunch! And snacks! (Salted nuts, cheese slices, homemade yogurt parfait, etc.) So that was fine. I then had my class from 12:30 until 2:00, and the lecture was almost directly relevant to my thesis and thus topic of interest. Sounds fine, right? 

I was pretty tired, though, and I was debating if I wanted to stick around for the three extra hours I'd told myself I was going to so that I could attend a little talk at 5:00 on what one can do with a history degree. I hesitated, really, REALLY tempted to just get on the bus and head home, but I thought, "nah, this is my career! I'd better go". So I stuck around for three hours, getting some reading done, but nowhere near what I would have had I gone home and made some tea and worked on it in a comfy chair with lots of light. 

And then I went to the room, and it turned out that the meeting was cancelled. I didn't get the e-mail because I hadn't RSVPed. >_<; I felt like an idiot, and like I'd wasted my day. I was tired, had a headache, and wanted to go home. 

But I still had a meeting at Fort Edmonton - a dress rehearsal for Spooktacular (more on that in a week or two), and a friend of mine that I carpool with was going to pick me up at university at 6:30. There was no sense in me going home - during rush hour - only to turn around and drive back into Edmonton. 

SO I went to go swimming! (I'd brought exercise stuff just in case, as I had that six hour break.) It was the first time I'd actually used the fitness centre at the university - you know, the one I pay like $160/year to keep running? And I felt really refreshed and energized and healthy after swimming laps for half an hour. 

And then I went back to the Honour's room, where I'd dumped my stuff (my phone, my purse, my study notes)... and I couldn't find my key. Correction: keys. My housekey, my car keys, my two university keys (one of which I need to give back sometime next week). Also, I have several keychains from around the world, bought my myself and by friends, that I'm kind of emotionally attached to. I ran back to the gym (no-one answered my frantic knocks on the honour's room door - surprise surprise, it was past 6pm), and they weren't in the Lost & Found there. I ran back to the room, and this time someone was there to let me in... but no dice, my keys weren't there either. 

I still haven't found them. I'll ask again at the lost & found tomorrow, and I hope for the best. I really, really don't want to have to replace these... :( 

On the plus side, I still have my bus pass and I had a ride home? And I got to pretend to be a zombie (and got to "devour" someone) at the rehearsal?

Verdict? Good day or bad day?
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So my father is having his ten minutes of fame, as they say. 

Some of you may have heard of the problems that the Commonwealth Games are having at this point in time. There are stories about a collapsed pedestrian bridge, unfinished Athletes' Village accommodations, terrorist threats, etc. 

My father is going to be attending the games in Delhi as a rapid-fire pistol shooter, among other pistol-related competitions. This morning, a few hours before he was going to head off to the airport, he got a call: they're putting off sending any athletes in until Sunday. My father: sad face. 

He had already had an interview with CTV scheduled for that morning: a "look, local man off to compete for king and country in the commonwealth games!" kind of thing. Well, it was a bit of a different story when they got there, but my dad went with it. They took some shots of him zipping and unzipping his luggage, and some shots of his "Canada" hat (the one that he was debating with me this morning over bringing) and he actually spoke in a calm and reasonable manner about the whole thing. Mostly how the organizers know best, and the sporting facilities themselves were pretty high quality when he went to compete in Delhi three years ago at a separate competition. He refused to diss India on screen, and I believe he really does think that some of these concerns are overblown. Still. Woo. 

He also did a phone interview with the Edmonton Journal, a newspaper we subscribe to, and another video interview for Global news. They shook it up a bit; one filmed in the front room, the other on our back porch. Whatevs. Each one focussed on slightly different things, and dad thinks that they were fair in their 30-second selection of the five or ten minute interviews he did for each. Sometimes they can completely misrepresent what the interviewee said in the editing process. Not so this time, so that's good, at least...?

Now it's after supper and the CBC called. (That's the national channel - the Canadian version of the BBC - for those not in the know.) They're sending someone over in less than half an hour to interview him. Mum and I have been frantically cleaning up our living room.

I wonder why they haven't been going to that lovely runner and the swim guy for these other interviews? Maybe my father is just reasonable and logical in the interviews, and isn't just nattering on about all of the illnesses you have to get inoculated against to visit India...? He's mostly like "calm down, guys, the Indians probably have like a bajillion guys working on fixing this," only phrased in a way that sounds more like my dad.

The news sources keep emphasizing that "oh noez, the games start in X number of days!" It's actually WORSE than what they're representing, for once (normally the news talks like the world is ending, to the point of exaggeration). You see, the athletes like to do some training in the week before the games actually open in the actual venue that they'll be using, so they won't be thrown by the strange location, and will have time to get over jet lag and such. So this delay could cost the athletes in terms of performance. 

Anyway, word is that some of the athletes have cancelled their trips to India and won't be competing. Dad doesn't want to cancel, and probably won't.  If he does well in this competition, as well as one in October in Rio De Janeiro, then he could qualify to represent Canada at the 2012 Olympics in London. 

You can do it, dad! I believe in you!


"Can we get a shot of you doing up those last two latches again? I'm thinking, 'And he's packed up and ready to go.'"

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"So what's new with Beboots?"  You may be wondering, if you too aren't bogged down by schoolwork. Why, I shall inform ye! (Also, everyone on facebook, check out your language options - alongside English (UK) there's English (pirate). So awesome...) Anyway....

First of all, I'm writing this on the oldschool family computer. Why? Because my laptop has died... for a second time. I mean, it was freezing up for a day or two, then gave me the bluescreen of death, then "repaired" itself, then went back to freezing... so it's in the shop. I'm told it has like several viruses. But... I probably won't lose anything. Just as well, because I've been paranoid ever since it died a few months ago and so everything's backed up anyway. Take heed, all you readers: back up your files! Especially those essays that you're working on!

Speaking of essays... I got my essay on Cardinal Wolsey back: B-. Not bad, but not as good as I was hoping. It was mostly little errors that bogged me down. A satisfactory essay, but not a stellar one. But since I hated every minute of writing that thing, i guess that's to be expected. Anyway, I'm working on a new one for that class, which is on witchcraft (that's a quote of it you see, up there), and so is automatically way more interesting than Cardinal Wolsey could ever be.

I have not yet caught any of the various illnesses flying around campus yet, and I remain hopeful that I still won't have by the time that midterm month is over. I can dream, can't I?

Also, I get much less time to work on things this month than anticipated. Why? Because Superstore is no longer going on strike. ;_;

Here's the deal... )

So... there you have it, I suppose. I'm dissapointed we didn't go on strike - I could have used the free time to study for midterms and write papers... and my novel, actually. :D I can't wait for Nanowrimo! On the forums, we were writing 15 word summaries for our novels. Mine for this November is the following:

"Two vampires (an extremely old child and a mildly depressed former accountant) figure out life."

How does that sound?


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