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Title: Child on the Dragon Throne - Part III
Previous Parts: Teaser, Part One, Part Two.
Summary: Iroh does not take kindly to Ozai humiliating, maiming and banishing a nephew he cares for. Now, with Ozai dead and Iroh himself banished for committing an act of regicide, the newly crowned
Fire Lord Zuko does not know who he can trust.
Note: I made every attempt to write a fight scene... and decided not to inflict the results upon any readers who happen across it. I much prefer cultural and political ramifications of things, in any case. :P The way I wrote Iroh fighting didn't do him justice; I made him sound like an angry teakettle, mostly. In this entry, well, he at least gets another moniker to add to his list...


In which Iroh acquires a new nickname... )
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Title: Child on the Dragon Throne - Part II
Previous Parts: Teaser, Part One
Summary: Iroh does not take kindly to Ozai humiliating, maiming and banishing a nephew he cares for. Now, with Ozai dead and Iroh himself banished for committing an act of regicide, the newly crowned
Fire Lord Zuko does not know who he can trust.

Author’s Note: in my defence, I didn’t post this sooner because I worked on pretty much all of the other instalments of this fic except for the one immediately following the previous one, chronologically. Thus, updates should come more quickly after this?

I would also be greatly appreciative of any constructive criticism you all have to offer. :)


In his prime, it was widely acknowledged that Prince Iroh was a peerless fighter... )
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As promised here, I have written more of this! Now, you shall have answers! Also, Ozai being derisive (and seriously underestimating his brother), which is a bad idea for Ozai, as you can imagine, as this fic also includes much awesome!Iroh. Yes. :3

Cut for Iroh defending his nephew's honour )
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So... [ profile] attackfish  and my sister dearest, through the power of their combined Bambi eyes, have finally convinced me to actually WRITE something. Fanfic, in fact.

I dug through many of my old fic ideas, and selected this one.

I have about 1,500 words of it written out as of the time of this posting, and I will surely write more. I'm determined to finish this fic at some point before I leave for Ireland & Scotland in the last week of May.

But for now, here's a teaser-drabble!

Cut for lil' Fire Lord Zuko who has yet to grow a spine )
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Haha, so my jobless state has allowed me to at least have some more time for writing down ideas? My dad suggested that I write a novel this summer, and I may yet do so. I could consider my Ireland-Scotland trip as a research expedition, perhaps? Anyway, I have a few ideas that I'm hammering out in my head at the moment.

I may even actually get around to writing proper fanfic, and not just random ideas. But FOR NOW, here is another Alternate Universe that shamelessly plays up my need for Zuko dressed in fancy dresses  robes, protective!Mai, perhaps-not-COMPLETELY-evil!Azula, and awesomesauce!Iroh. :)

Cut for child rulers coming into their own. )
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Yet another fanfic idea! This time, I was inspired for my love of platonic Toph-Zuko awesomeness, as well as alternate universes. A what-if story - what if Toph was adopted by Iroh at a relatively young age?

Childhood Friends
Toph in the Fire Nation )
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MOAR fic ideas! (I've been writing these over the past few months, and they're getting nowhere, so why not share what I have written down? Feel free to adopt, if you wish!)

If I were to write an [ profile] avatarbigbang fic, this would have been it. Sadly, I have a 6,000 word paper to write, along with two other 3,000 word papers, a lot of readings and research, and final exams in early April to study for. :( Also, no inspiration for actual hard text. Point form, though... that I can write. 

Summary: What if the Blue Spirit had not been knocked unconscious by an arrow to the head as he helped Aang escape from the Pohuai stronghold – and Aang takes him back to the cave, identity intact? Zuko learns to see the Avatar and his posse as human beings – who are actually NICE to him – and can no longer bring himself to hunt the Avatar. Cue the Blue Spirit emerging out of the woodwork to help the Gaang whenever they’re in need.

Behind this cut hides the Blue Spirit... )
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Another fic idea ahoy!

This fic idea is mostly because I wanted to play around with the idea of politics, and a Zuko who is actually a competent Crown Prince. Not to mention having Iroh and political shenanigans... and an Iroh who never truly gave up being the Dragon of the West, but who still retains a protective soft spot for a certain nephew... Essentially, all of the elements of fanfic that make me glee - I just wanted them all in one. Let's see if it came together in a coherent manner...
Cut for the story of how Iroh became Fire Lord... )
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So I have been writing down a lot of fanfiction ideas lately (mostly while procrastinating, avoiding working on homework...), and I figure that I should probably post them here, for your enjoyment. Avatar: the Last Airbender has been on my brain lately. To give credit where credit is due, I drew my initial inspiration from several fills of  [ profile] suzukiblu 's mythological mini-meme, which was written a while back. I took a few ideas and ran with them - mostly the idea of dragon!Zuko and being able to switch between dragon and human forms by taking off one's skin (à la Selkie). 

I should warn you guys that I write down my fic ideas in a sort of pseudo-prompt form, pseudo-stream of consciousness... which sometimes dips into actual text and dialogue. I apologize for any formatting confusion that results.

I'll probably post a few other ideas in similar formats over the next few weeks. Livejournal is useful as a back-up archive. ;)


Dragons hide behind this link...And not just metaphorical ones.<br ></lj> )


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