Feb. 19th, 2011

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 Remember how a while back, during my first week of classes, I had a little panicky moment about how much work I had to get done? Well, I thought that I'd write an update on that situation. Today's the first day of our "Spring Break": called "Reading Week" because it's a bit cheeky to call February in Canada "spring". 

What I have finished so far since January (strike through), and what I still have to do:

MLCS 400 - History of Translation
-5 page essay, a portrait of a translator. Came out awesome; I wrote about Jemmy Jock Bird, this Blackfoot interpreter who didn't take anybody's shit. Remind me to do a history post about him.
-study for midterm. Done as of writing it yesterday. 
-Final research paper: working on it. I'll probably be writing on Métis intermediaries at the numbered treaties in the 1870s. Some of the research is already done, because it overlaps with the portrait essay.
-Study for final exam (now, with special permission, going to be written a week earlier so I can actually go to Spain! :D Huzzah!)

Women's Studies 201
-Lots and lots of blog posts: half done. I've been writing a blog post each week for the class's website. I'm on track. 
-Write research paper (due first week of April)
-Work on group presentation on my paper topic.
(Yeah... this class I'm just coasting through. I'm doing the weekly readings, coming to class, writing on the blog... doing my time and not thinking about it too hard. I'll have to do a lot of reading for the final paper this week.)

History 450 - History of Slavery and Emancipation
-Biography of a historian short presentation
-Primary source short presentation
-Secondary source presentation

-Second secondary source presentation: in two weeks
-Work on final research paper - possibly on slave health? Like, the battle for control over slaves' bodies?

History 488 - the Health Consequences of War
-Long class presentation
-Three reading response papers
: two down, one to go
-Four-way book review final paper: halfway through reading book one, although I've skimmed two others before. Cleverly, I've doubled up my readings by picking four recent books on Civil War medicine that I've been meaning to read for a while for my thesis. Now I have the excuse to read them in-depth!

History 501 - THESIS
-50 pages: I've got 25 pages written (well, 28 if you count bibliography). I handed in this draft to my research supervisor last week and got it back a few days ago... and I've been avoiding it since then. I need to organize the crap out of it and elaborate on a lot of points. It'll get done. Probably. I'm on track, at least. I just need to think hard on my exact argument. I've thought of a brilliant framing device for it... but I need to sit down and write a really brilliant sentence or two that epically and concisely sums up my argument. 

On a separate note, here is something to make you smile, especially if you've watched Martin Freeman in BBC's modern adaptation of Sherlock. <3


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