Jan. 31st, 2011

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Yeah, my username is quite weird, and there's a bit of a story behind it. I think it originates from a misunderstanding I had with the origin of a nickname my mother gave me when I was very young, after a cartoon character from a show we watched on German TV back when we lived there... I actually think it must have been Betty Boop. So that misheard set of words became in my toddler/child mind "Beboots", which was later shortened to "Boots", which my mum still calls me by today.

I've used this username since I was... oh god, I must have been eleven or so. First used for my Neopets account, back in the day. I think I used it for my first hotmail account, too, although I no longer use either of those two things. 

I don't think I would change it. I like it, I think it sounds cute it's easy to remember and it's relatively unique. Recognizable, perhaps... although I have been called "Reboot" and "Beboobs" before by people who weren't paying attention on forums. I think it's better than the username that the university computer bots randomly assigned me, which consists of the first letter of my first name and about half of my ridiculously long last name. It looks like gobbledygook and is impossible for people to remember off of the top of their heads so I always have to write it down. Also, I don't necessarily want to publicize my full RL name everywhere.

I do use my RL name for scholarly stuff, work-related stuff, and history dorkery, though, because I'm of the opinion that if future employers want to look me up they'll only see awesome intellectual stuff instead of, well, fandom. ;) Although my mother and others have tried to make me panic about the possibilities of my online persona harming my future job prospects (all of those horror stories about employers looking you up on the interwebs and seeing embarassing, stupid stuff), I'm of the opinion that it can work both ways: if I never let myself be photographed while drunk (which, let's face it, almost never happens - I'm a very sober person), I'll never have really stupid racy pictures of myself on the internet. It can work to your advantage just as much as it can to your disadvantage. Anyway...

As a side note, my other childhood (and current) nicknames given to me by my mother include "fidget-bum", "monkey face" (which doesn't sound as bad as it is because it's apparently a translation of a Dutch endearment), and "petal-fart" (yeah, I don't even know either). My mum always tells me that I live "in the future tense", too, mostly because I'm an impatient person and I'm always worrying about the next thing. I need to learn to live in the moment. 


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