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it's turned into anime. Something a little creepy about this machine-made 21st century version. I keep waiting for her to peel back that improbably toothy grin to reveal the malevolent robot beneath."
-Robert Duncan

Woot! Animethon! XD
I went to the Edmonton Animethon (in the city centre campus for Grant McEwan), and had a wonderful time. :D I didn't cosplay, but you wouldn't believe the beautiful costumes some people had. I'm sure I seemed rather creepy to them, as every so often I would approach one, tap them on the shoulder, and say something to the effect of "I don't know you, but I think you're awesome". ^_^
I also managed to buy a bunch of awesome stuff in the dealer's room, including but not limited to eight different posters (which I've just finnished walpapering my room with), several cheap manga, a few soundtrack CDs, a Naruto ninja headband (Konoha) and the pride of my collection, a working Fullmetal Alchemist State Alchemist pocketwatch. :D It's so beautiful! It even has "Don't forget 3 Oct. 11" inside. :D *pets watch*.
Oh, and I also got to meet a famous webcomic artist! :D Her real name is Barbara, and she does the Vault 711 Harry Potter fancomic (found here: I bought FMA doujinshi from her (I should have gotten her to sign it! *kicks herself*), and a Remus/Sirius pin. She also had a dummy set up behind her with Gackt's face taped to it's head. XD My sister, Danielle, asked for and got her autograph, and we heard from the artists in the Artists Alley that she was over the moon about it. Perhaps Danielle has this woman's first ever autograph? ^_^ Cool!
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