Date: 2011-03-14 06:21 am (UTC)
This is awesome!

I'm going to be catching up on LJ and such over the week, but I have two exams on Tuesday and one is "do a complete breast and pelvic exam on two women, and the second exam will be graded" deal. So Monday might involve much more review of microbiology and a few more checks of the syllabus for clinical exams. I was on break last week, but per personal tradition had a cough bad enough that I seized up half of the muscles in my upper back. (It also made me WAY late with a contest submission, but I finally got it in and if I'd realized you were back from vacation by actually checking LJ properly I would have asked you to look the thing over. I wrote parts while sick and actually changed to present tense for a good chunk of the middle, after the story fully mutated from a "zany misadventure" to a "very grim heartwarmer" thing, and don't ask me why Jet settled on this plotline).

In way happier news, I was at the pet store today. I'd planned to go around looking at an entire row of tanks to find my favorite of the lady bettas, but one in the first tank just looked at me and wouldn't let me out of her sight. She's a black dragon betta with blue eyes and very, very pretty blue details in all of her fins. I don't think Temeraire would mind that I named a female fish after him, she's a badass and has just the right demeanor. (The trio of guppies doesn't have names yet, but the boy is adorable. He has my favorite coloring of the group, and he was almost beside himself with confusion when he was looking at the two ladies in his tank. He couldn't decide which he wanted to follow around first.)
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