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You know way back in the day, when medicine was still a pseudo-science and people mostly guessed and hit and missed at cures? Back then, when it was fashionable for women to be sick (I'd have been so cool back then), and everything from the common cough to pneumonia to tuberculosis was labelled under the umbrella of "the consumption"? Yeah, I have The Consumption. I want to take to my bed for two years and have people pay courtesy calls to entertain me.

Also, I want to wear a Victorian dress. It would be awesome.

In other news... I survived the week from Hell (being the week where I had two papers and a midterm worth 40% of my Art History mark, all three written while sick). I was pretty incoherent on Tuesday (right when I had the presentation for my Tudor Regime class!), but I think I made it clear to my professor and my audience that I was presenting with a two degree fever, and my voice certainly sounded rough and sick enough, so perhaps he'll go easy on me....?

I've gotten a bit better now (I can breathe through my nose, how exciting!), but my cough has gotten really bad. Hence, The Consumption. D: I swear I'm going to start coughing up blood soon, which shall not be cool or result in me suddenly becoming popular, as it would in Victorian England... D:

The Bellerose con yesterday was quite fun. It was good to see everyone again. I shall soon upload pictures on facebook. :3 Highlights are: Nana being cute with her new jawline! Toilet-paper lolita dresses! Me as Fujiwara no Sai being menaced by Joel in a Ghostbusters outfit!

I think that laughing so hard at the 404s only made my cough worse, though. D: 

Also, the keyboard of my new laptop is every so slightly curved, and there's an extra key between my fingers and the "enter" key, resulting in many instances in which I get \\ instead of a new paragraph. I shall learn, and/or grow a longer right pinky finger. But my new laptop is still pretty... Yes, I have run back into the arms of Acer, although I was mightily encouraged to have an affair with a Mac. But faced with familial dissaproval, and upon the advice of the ever-helpful Dough, the friendly neighbourhood one-armed computer repairman, I got an Acer again. And it is good.

I certainly hope it'll last me through Nanowrimo, without the keyboard catching on fire.
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