Mar. 8th, 2011

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 Okay, guys, so remember all of that brouhaha last week? About the job application to France? And how I had originally thought that it was due in March 15th, not March 1st, and then I had to rush to get it all put together and sent off but ultimately I got it in and everything was all right? 

Apparently not. :( 

Dad walked into the study about half an hour ago - this is just before 6pm my time, or just before 8pm Ottawa time - to tell me about a phone call he had received DURING THE DAY yesterday from the French Embassy in Ottawa. Apparently I'd forgotten to sign ONE PIECE OF PAPER. But it's all right! Because I can just sign it and scan it in and I'm good to go! The lady at the other end said that she'd send me an e-mail with the document and everything would be fine as long as I got it in that day.

Dad only told me this NOW. I hadn't seen him all yesterday, because he'd been out at the range for supper so I didn't see him in the evening... and it completely slipped his mind.

I rushed to check my e-mail. Nothing. 

And then I remember that I have a third e-mail for other stuff - I created it so when my university e-mail address is no good anymore, probably sometime this may, I'd still be able to have a professional-looking e-mail address to give to employers. I'd thought that I'd set it to forward e-mails to my university one. Apparently I forgot to click ONE button to activate it.

I rush to check THAT e-mail address, and there the message sat. 

Vous m'avez envoyé votre candidature, mais vous n'avez pas signé la fiche rose "demande de contrat de travail simplifié!"
Pouvez-vous me faire parvenir le document rempli par scan aujourd'hui sinon je ne pourrai pas accepter votre dossier.
 Le document est en pièce jointe avec les instructions .

AKA - I've send in my application, but didn't sign the pink piece of paper for the government application. If I didn't scan it  and send it TODAY (AKA... YESTERDAY) then they can't accept my application. :( :( :(

I scanned it and signed it and struggled with the beast of a computer downstairs that froze halfway through the scanning process and then the internet explorer froze and shut down and then I FINALLY sent it off... probably a day and a half too late. ;_; 

I feel like a complete and utter idiot. I feel sick. ONE STUPID SIGNATURE, guys. Fuck. I need a hug. 

Emoticons can't express the devastation I feel right now. I'm normally an optimistic person, and I really hope that they'll accept it and send it off separately anyway, but I've probably made the worst impression ever on them. I can't get anything organized. Fuck. I'm an idiot. 


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