Mar. 10th, 2011

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 I think I mentioned a few weeks ago (it was before things went crazy with the job application) that I’ve been reading this really awesome recently published document. I suspect I was talking to [ profile] feral_shrew  about some history subject or another. The edition I have of this text (the only published edition?) is entitled Practicing Medicine in a Black Regiment: The Civil War Diary of Burt G. Wilder, 55th Massachusetts. It’s edited by a historian named Richard M. Reid, and only came out in 2010.

About the surgeon and his diary... )

Discovering exotic flora & fauna, recruiting others to do your collecting for you, and making spider-silk jewelry! )
Quick note re: adaptation )

Astonished horses! )

Unusually large amounts of spider silk! )

Bitching about Doctor Brown )The epic quest for sweet potatoes... )
The quartermaster resorts to monetary fines to make Wilder actually eat something )
Billy the horse! )
African American superstitions re: pulled teeth, and on the method of "locking" the door of a tent )
A colonel admires Wilder's awesome horseriding skillz )
Well, HE hasn't seen any fleas yet... and he also almost loses his hat. And falls off his horse. )
Wilder overhears a debate amongst the men of the regiment and is surprised. )


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